26 comments on “It’s a Crewel Crewel World

  1. He’s so perfect! God bless the little lady who put so many hours into stitching it up. Really.
    Love him above the bed. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. What a find! I always try and rescue any type of needlepoint I see at the Goodwill. You got a treasure. Love the way you re-stretched it and framed it. So glad that piece found a good home. I bought a twin bed frame yesterday solely because I knew you would buy it. I said, James would love this! Buying it. $25. It has metal cut-outs of cowboys and Indians along the top. Will send a pic. Georgie

    • Those are GREATNESS! Love how modern they feel…(and thanks for reminding me that we have some bathrooms to get to work on ….)

  3. The vintage piece of needlework looks right at home in the bedroom. You guys are so creative and have designed such a warm and welcoming home filled with such unique items. Great find and framing…

  4. My daughter lives in Decatur and I tell her I am coming to visit her, but the second best reason is to go the shops you shop to see these amazing pieces that you buy! Then I want to stalk your house for a real, live, house tour! You guys are amazing! Love what you do!

    • Stalk away Pam…check out Curiosities, White Elephant Antiques, and Lula B’s…..tons of great thrift stores too in Dallas…

  5. You always give us great information in such an entertaining way; I just love reading your stuff!

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