84 comments on “Half a Million

  1. Hi! I’m in Nashville, TN and have really enjoyed your posts! Congratulations on getting to a million followers!

  2. You two are great. This is the only blog I truly follow. You both
    have a great eye and you are so handy! I learn so much from your blog and I feel a strange connection because you love so many of the things I love, like blankets! There is nothing greater than making your house feel like a home you want to be in and what a great example you are. I look forward to many more posts. Big hugs from Miami Shores, FL!

    • Hi Tracie, It’s so strange when people want to live in a showroom…Where’s the personality in that? Surround yourself with “crap” that make it YOUR place …that’s our motto.

      Big hug back at ya…..(Many more posts to come)

  3. Howdy from Amesbury, MA. I appreciate all that goes into – and behind the scenes of – creating and sustaining the blog. Your posts make my day!

  4. Congratulations! Such a testament to your talents and your generous, kind, funny spirit, not to mention your excellent taste.

    • Awww shucks Tiffany, (looks down and kicks dirt) jus’ doin’ the best we can. Glad that you’re here to witness all of it.

  5. I found your blog last summer, and I devoured every post in the span of a few days. I fell in love with your wit, class, style, and varied interests. Thank you for letting us into your home and your lives! I look forward to many more visits!

  6. Howdy! I’m from TX as well, about 2 hrs south of Dallas. I’ve pinned several things from you guys. You skull in the bathroom was inspiration for a mantle I did. Keep being awesome!

    Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

    • I’ve only been following your blog for 8 months, and today you made my day when you came over and left a comment! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. I was telling my hubs how awesome your living room was, then we got to to looking at other rooms. First time I’ve seen your bedroom…..In LOVE with it. Plus I saw your vacation jars!

      Shannon ~ bohemianjunktion.com

      • Shannon, there is vacation jar post coming (prolly this weekend ) Not stealing your ideas. Just that GREAT MINDS think alike…..hhhmmmm?

        Guess that’s how we found each other.

  7. An Aussie in Brazil with a current obsession for all things housey. You have a natural way with words and a knack for not overdoing them! I enjoy the light reading, funny antics, quirky bits and pieces, and great style. Half a million? Amazing. Gotta love the blogosphere!

    • Hi Johanne, We just do our best to be ourselves..and so glad the charm shows through in the writing.

      It’s a giant, scary internet out there. And pretty amazing that it leads great people like you to us on a regular basis.

  8. I have loved your blog since the first time I saw a pic of your beautiful bedroom (on another blog? Apartment Therapy?)! In a sea of minimalist mid century modern blogs or French country white blogs, I instantly connected with your layered, collected aesthetic. Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Mariah, we feel the same way. Seems like everyone on the internet has the same style. Why is that? Our home is “collected” and a perfect blend of our tastes…not an image from a catalog.

      Bring on the “JUNK” and the good memories it all evokes.

  9. Hey guys I’m from Medford, MA and love your blog. I found it just recently and have spent the last week or so catching up on every post you have made. I love your style, creativity, and humor. I showed my wife your blog and that all the “junk”, as she calls it, I bring home when done right and selected thoughtfully can really create a beautiful home an your blog proves it. Thanks for all you guys do I can’t wait for more.

    • Hi Nick, hope we can show your wife the right way to live with collectibles, or is it possibly junk. Sometimes, we have a hard time telling the difference. hehehe

  10. Congratulations! You know that you’ve made a great impression, when your readers think about you, even when they are not reading what you posted…that would be me. The scene, Antique Extravaganza, Mt. Dora Florida. Me, to daughter “look at that framed child’s Indian head dress! The Cavender men would love that!” Daughter, “Stop it Mother, you don’t actually know them! You can’t buy that and send it, that would be weird!” Yes, I LOVE your blog, your taste, and your pioneering spirit in renovating your space. Thanks for all of your effort, looking forward to your next project! And, if I ever find that head dress again…….

    • Debbie, Of course you know us. You may not belive this, but we get packages from readers all the time; books, photographs, grain sacks, antlers…and the occasional Frankoma pottery piece. I’m currently looking at a vintage Boy Scout trophy that I just adore. (Thanks again, Jen) Not that I’m encouraging that behavior. It just happens.

      And now you have me obsessing over a child’s Indain headress. hehehe

      Glad we’ve made an impact.

  11. I was hooked when I saw your amazing black fireplace and all your creative collections/displays! You all have FABULOUS style and a wickedly funny sense of humor! ;,)

    • Awww thanks Catherine, Glad that we can brighten your day. That fireplace seemed to put us on the map……on Pinterest at least. We still find it on other blogs all the time.

  12. Hi, I am a 51 year old SAHM, American, but currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since moving out of my parents home when I was 17 yo, I have been a renter. I love your blog because . . . I don’t know why – enjoy your humor, your aesthetics, loved what you did with your yard and your inclinations toward 50’s, 60’s bric-a-brac. I just connect 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on! A million will be here before you know it!

    • Hi Mason. Good God do we love all that bric-a-brac. Been trying to thin it out a little….trying. Just love rescuing things that still have plenty of life left in them.

      No plans to stop anytime soon.

      Glad that you’re here…..

  13. Howdy! Your blog is one of my favorites! I appreciate your MANY talents and hard work!! Your recipes are all so delicious! I went to two places, last Sat., before I found the grapefruit Sanpelegrino for the Basil- Grapefruit cooler. Its pretty hot here in central California right now….. I’m in hopes that my basil plant can keep up with the demand!! Cheers to you! Congrats!

    • Hi June, I planted a basil plant in the front flower bed just so I can make that drink all summer long. Lucky for us, it’s thriving. Our local grocery store sells those Sanpelegrinos, and it’s 2 blocks away. OOOhhhh, try the blood orange flavor too…….just as good.

  14. You guys are SO much fun! In the words of the Curtis Mayfield song, “just keep on keeping on”!!

  15. Congratulations! That’s a beautiful picture on today’s post. I love your blog–the colors y’all use, the commentary, the heart that is in every single word. Thanks for sharing with us.

  16. “Howdy” back! I am so glad I found you, too! My son sent me a picture of your garage organization from Houzz and I tracked you down. And here you are right here in Texas!
    I’m out here in the metropolitan area of Knickerbocker and have been following ya’l ever since!
    Love all your adventures!

    • Hey there Chris!! Our garage is the best room in our house…..by a landslide. If we could only put that much effort into our bathrooms…..

  17. I’m up in Boston. And glad I found you. I’m Facebook friends with Leonard Nickerson because we both are interested in the Romanovs. He put a link in one of his posts. I love your decor ideas!

    • Hi Sarah, Lenny and I have been great friends since I was 18. I knew the minute I met him that he’d be around a long, LONG time…….now I can’t get rid of him. And Lawd knows I’ve tried. hehehe

      Glad the he sent you our way……

      • Hi James. Yes he told me that he’s known you a long time. Since college I believe. Friendships that old are a blessing. I’ve got several that go that far back myself.

  18. I always look forward to see what you’re up to! I love your decor in your home and the story about “It’s just a bottle opener” rung a bell with my husband since he had a similar experience with a fake grenade in his carry-on bag, pre-911!

    • Barbara, as often as we travel, neither of us is TSA pre-approved. Now I’m affraid to apply, because I’m pretty sure that I am on a “list” and it would just be a waste of time….and money.

      We just love that your husband had a fake grenade……and a little relieved that it happens to other people too.

  19. Hey there! I live in Pennsylvania and found you by accident one day. I was charmed by your beautiful home and great projects. I have you on my sidebar so I don’t miss any posts!
    You need to go to Lancaster County, and check out all the amazing yard sales and antique stores, many untapped treasures.
    The bottle opener post was hysterical!
    I am a quilter but love all kinds of blogs.

    • Hi Kelly, neither of us has been to Pennsylvania…so yeah, a trip is prolly needed. Especially if there is a bounty of untapped treasures to bring back with us.

      I’ve been saving old jeans for years to make a quilt someday (maybe this year) …it will be my first quilt ever, so don’t judge. hehehe

  20. I read from RURAL Kansas…I envy to access to ALL THE GOOD STUFF…your wisdom and research save me tons of time…I just read and believe what you write..tee hee…I steal decorating ideas…knowing full well you will NEVER see it in my house….My husband and I DYI everything and tinker with repurposing furniture, I make jelly, he is retired, I drag home GLORIOUS JUNKE and he fixes it and remakes it and then I sell it, we have a ton of grandkids and follow their games and parties…so EVERYTHING you do suits me to a T….KEEP IT UP…

    • Hi Robin, Sounds like you’re pretty well-rounded. I bring home junk and fix it too, but have a hard time parting with it after that. You got me beat there.

  21. I think it’s your fearlessness, great taste, willingness to share your lives and down to earth warmth and humor that make me so happy to see a new post from you in my inbox. Your blog is unique, completely in a class by itself – I’m just 45 minutes north of you and feel like you’re friends. I find myself looking for your house every time we come to Bishop Arts for fun and great food/drink/shops. Just know you have avid fans out here appreciating the time and thoughtfulness you put into each project, word and photo.

    • Hi Carolyn, you are more likely to find US down in Bishop Arts, than our house. We eat there, like, ALL the time. We had Hunkey’s burgers thursday night. And my brother and I had BBQ at Lockhart’s monday. Great shopping too. Like Man-tiques.

  22. Guys, I love your blog and quite frankly I could leave a comment almost every time (but who wants to be that crazy lady) lets be honest sometimes we don’t always take the time we should. Keep up the great blogging!! xx

  23. Howdy, congratulations, you’ll hit 2 mill before long! You know I am a “stalker”and a “copy cat”! Love you guys…loved the post about the TSA read it to my whole family. I have my son in Virginia following you now too! Trying to figure out how we are going to make a frame (store wants to much$) to fit my Texas flag I had flown over the capital for our anniversary (did you know they would do that and mail it to you) so I can copy you, told you I loved it! Well, all that cropping and pictures and staging is worth it to all of us stalkers who anxiously open our emails everyday hoping we have one of your inspiration posts to “Make Our Day”! Keep up the good work! (Although my husband wishes you would stop all the projects there is only one of him and he can’t keep up!!!)

    • I did not know that you can have your flag flown over the capitol building….That is WAYYY cool! I was lucky to find that big frame in a trash pile (it’s plexi glass) and couldn’t find anything to put in it for years. None of our SEVERAL American flags fit it right……But that Texas flag was a match.

  24. Last year while spending an embarrassing amount of time on the Houzz website, I saw the pic of your front door and came directly to your blog to see if there was more eye candy. Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeah! I read all your past posts and was captivated. Your design style is so rich and layered and textural. Your collections are fascinating and I love all the ways you incorporate them into your decor. Your DIYs are attractive and useful (you give great step-by-step instructions) and I especially enjoy your sense of humor and writing style. I will continue to visit your blog daily and look forward to seeing what the Cavender Boys are up to.

    • AAAAAAwwww, thanks Mary Mary. (blushing over here now) We might recreate that red front door again this year…unless we can find a beautiful wood one. I do love it red for the holidays……and orange the rest of the year……

  25. Howdy guys! I love your blog. I stumbled upon it about a year ago, forgot to add to to my reader, and then stumbled across it again and didn’t make the same mistake! I’ve been following DIY and home blogs for years now, and finding one in my neck of the woods makes it even more awesome. (I’m from North Dallas and have some very dear friends who live in Oak Cliff). I’ll be reading every post now that I have you on my reader!

    Ps. Your party decor skills are out of this world!

    • Hi Kate. We love living in the Cliff! We’ve both lived in Lakewood, Oak Lawn and Lower Greenville…but this is the neighborhood for us. Do your friends like it too?

      We do a pretty good party alright. I’ve worked for a couple event/floral studios over the years…and our friend Ivan is a floral designer to the stars.

      Stars living in Dallas, anyway

      • That is awesome! My friends love it down there and we love visiting! I’ll make sure to keep my eyes peeled for you guys. 😉

  26. Found your blog about a year ago. I think it was from Pinterest and it was definitely from a post about your amazing garage. Congrats on the 1/2 million views!

    • Thanks Susan, wish our garage always looked that great….but it is our favorite room in the house. Even if it’s technically not “IN” the house.

  27. Love how you look at “stuff” ! I am a Horticulture teacher….so I always like anything to do with plants! 🙂 Congrats on all your viewers!

    • Hi Laura, you know….Dorthy Parker once said, ” You can lead a Horticulture, but you can’t make her think.”

      You ‘prolly hear that one all the time………

  28. Howdy & congrats! I love your style & wit & escapades, James & Jamie. When I discovered your blog I went back & read from the beginning & was so disappointed when I caught up to the present because I knew I wouldn’t be able to read several posts a day. Major bummer. Thanks, James, for pointing me to an Indian chief patch on ebay to match the one on your bag. And the info on the Curtis American Indian prints. AND answering my question about your beer bottle cap globe. You go out of your way to answer questions and help anyone who would like a little slice of Cavender life! And now that rhubarb is coming into season up here in Maryland, I’m looking forward to having a rhubarb margarita! Yum!

    • Hi Maggie. My cousin had the great idea to make rhubarb flavored vodka. I’ll bet it’s yummy with a splash of tonic and crushed strawberries. I’ll try to post more/faster (to keep up with demand) but I’m pretty “nit-picky”. hehehe

      Did you get the indian patch? What did you do with it? Wish I had an extra or 2…..you know, for emergencies.

  29. Congrats to you! I have long wanted to jump on here and say thank you for the time you take on this blog and for everything you share here. You guys have a great attitude and style. I do love your blog in particular because I’m an Ohio girl living abroad and every time I get a little homesick I know I can come here and get a little dose of Americana, so thank you for that.

    • Hi Anna! I was born in Ohio. Toledo, to be exact. Most of my Mother’s family still lives there. Seems like, after the first war, most of Poland settled into what they now call “Ohio”.

      Sometimes, I think we O.D. on Americana…..glad that you find it just a “little dose”.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement…..

  30. Howdy from Oklahoma. I LOVE all your Stuff and how you display it. My favorite is your wonderful Christmas ornaments. I look forward to your posts.

    • Hi Rene’ up in Oklahoma, I’m surfing Ebay just this very morning and possibly adding to that collection of ornaments….like I need a few more. But this is the best time of year to buy them…cheap. cheap, cheap.

  31. Greetings from Spain! I deeply admire your style, so personal, so far from dominant minismalismo (but do not share). I still your blog for over a year, admiring the profound change in your house, learning from cultra of your country .. (use many times Google Traslator therefore not mastered your language … I hope your news (progress of the renovation bath, perhaps?) and I give my congratulations.

    • Hola Maria, We had no idea that we had close followers in Spain. How wonderful!!! I hear it is beautiful there. I speak a little conversational Spanish, most Texans do because we are so close to Mexico. But I am very fluent in “Menu-Spanish”. We love to eat El Salvadorian, Peruvian, Cuban, Mexican, Tex-Mex (a strange hybrid of Mexican and American – and the official food of Texas) and of course, Spanish tapas. So glad that you like our American style…..and yes, I promise we will start work on that bathroom renovation soon. Very Soon.

  32. Following from the Heart of Dixie–Alabama! I wish I could remember the blogger that mentioned yours as a “must follow” but alas, my frazzled brain cannot remember. Thoroughly enjoy your fun and happy blog posts!

    • Howdy Carol Ann! We love Alabama! We use to make it to Lake Martin every summer, beautiful place. Glad that you found us.

  33. I don’t even remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but I’m so glad I did. Your house is beautiful, and I love all your organized clutter! (Now, why can’t I do that, my clutter just looks like clutter!). Congratulations and enjoy your feat 🙂

  34. So happy for you two & congratulations on reaching this milestone! I love your blog & I’m so happy I found it. You had me hooked when I saw the Shiny Brite tree (I think angels started singing at that very moment), and I LOVE the varsity sweater patch pillows! Who am I kidding, I really like your whole house & attention to detail. Can’t wait to see what each post brings. Have a great weekend & don’t work too hard!

    • Hi Teresa!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever have enough ornaments. Don’t tell Jamie, buy I just bought a few more on eBay today…….ohh crap! He’ll probably read this now, Anyhoo, thanks for following along.

  35. Hey guys! Well done to you! I enjoy your posts and glad to have you in my reader feed! I am Ukrainian Girl who lives in UK. I also an artist and furniture decorator, come along and check my gallery.x

  36. Congratulations on this milestone!! Obviously a ‘few’ other people appreciate your talents, stories and overall enthusiasm for everything you guys do.
    Keep up the execellent work!!!

    • Aww shucks. We’re glad that we have developed a following of others who “get us”…..happy to have you in that mix!

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