18 comments on “It Begins With a Perfect Pumpkin

  1. are you roasting the seeds for a tasty snack? I have a seasoning that you can use on them…chili lime-delicious!

  2. Wow – So pretty! I can’t believe you got all those flowers for $26. guess I’ll add flowers to the list of things that are more expensive up here. Boo.
    I love roasted pumpkin seeds – kids don’t trick-or-treat at my building so I don’t have any need for a pumpkin, but I’m tempted to buy one just for the seeds 😉

  3. Oh, my goodness…you have a serious gift for flower arrangements. It’s beautiful…I may have to arm wrestle Kellie for the pumpkin. lol 🙂

  4. Very lovely. Thanks for the “chicken wire” tip! I think I can do this after all your great instructions 🙂

  5. Beautiful! I learn so many things every time I read a post. I am going to do this today myself. Thanks for all the fabulous tips.

  6. Lisa,

    Thought my favorite flower arranger might enjoy this… Hope you’re doing well!

    All my best,



  7. Your Pumpkin Flower Arrangement is absolutely beautiful, and I just love the fact that you didn’t have to spend an ex(morbitant amount of money to create it! I pinned it, and a few of your recipes too…I can’t wait to try making the Fig Jam! Thank you so much for sharing!! 😊

    • Thanks Lauren, I was so sick when I had to throw that pumpkin away…..cut pumpkins only last so long……and the fig jam is delish! Think I still have 1 jar left….(so sad)

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