20 comments on “Vans and Valley View Mall

  1. I’m a Northpark girl myself, worked there in high school, college and after college. It’s still the best people watching in town! I always love the mosaic on the side Sanger Harris opps I mean Dillards. It used to always be shown when the show Dallas was in it’s hey days.

    • I like Northpark too. For the art and the “Ladies who Lunch” at Neiman Marcus. You know, some Dallas socialites are buried in Hillcrest Cemetery facing Neiman’s. I love this city.

  2. ha! Miller’s Outpost! i grew up in California (the LBC to be exact), and i did the majority of my back to school shopping at that one store. 501’s, OP, etc. did you ever see a “Mr. ZOG’s Sex Wax” t-shirt in TX? the Senor Lopez pullover like Spicoli wore in the movie? yeah… i never learned how to surf, but *everyone* appropriated their style, even in CA.

    got my slip-ons at an actual Vans store though… 🙂

    • I do remember Sex Wax. (actually have a sticker for it somewhere in the hoard) Kinda want a t-shirt now…hmmmmm. I did buy a pair of Vans by ordering them from the back pages of Thrasher magazine. HA! Thrasher……..is that still around? They used to sell it at At Ease. Posers…….all of ’em.

  3. Oh how much I luv every story you write. Living near Big D, that’s exactly where I took my daughter Molly (now 42) shopping when it was a very special outing. Valley View mall was the closest & all those stores you mentioned were exactly where she wanted to shop at. I dreaded it and only looked forward to eating at El Fenix and having a margarita (or two). My daughter wanted to be like the kids on “Breakfast Club”. If I see that movie one more time, I will throw up. But, oh how we enjoyed our day shopping & how thrilled she was shopping at those stores. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

    • Jacqueline, as soon as I read Molly, I thought of the Breakfast Club……something about my generation. Although, 16 Candles is probably my favorite movie, or the Wizard of Oz, or Star Wars…those 3 switch places. The Breakfast Club is still in the top 10. Tell Molly that I love her name. (That El Fenix is the first place I ever had a sopapilla….my friend Lenny calls them “subpoenas”)

  4. Oh Hastings. Living in Comfort, a trip to Hastings and Wal Mart was the big adventure of the weekend. I have pink/brown checker shoes. Husband hates them but I love them.

    • Hastings, Music Land, Sam Goody….all gone. (sniff)

      How on earth do Millennials buy their music?

      You know, the kind of “music” you can physically hold……

  5. Thanks for the great read….never been there myself but strangely remember the same ambiance! Will put on Fast Times soundtrack tonight, thinking of you, Jackson Browne, Jeff Spicolli, Mr Hand, and all of our ‘classmates’ from Ridgemont High….after all, I think, thanks to you, it’s time for a reunion!

    • Erik. I watch it all the time. Downloaded the soundtrack a few years ago….”Somebody’s Baby” always brings back the most memories….had to add the Cars and the GoGos to my personal mix…

  6. Hope you are writing in “the book”…….you really are someone very special……this trip down memory lane was truly amazing…..and I love the Van’s!!!

    • Thanks Vickie. Currently working on book number 2. (No one’s offered to publish it yet……but I’m gunna write it anyho)

    • Elise, I’m a HUGE 16 Candles fan. HUGE. My coffee table in the den is the one that Anthony Michael Hall was trapped under. I didn’t know they filmed in the actual house….how cool. ( I did know that they filled in the Jake Ryan house, though) Trust me, if I had an extra 1.5 mill….i’d buy it. Thank you, for brightening my day as well…..this really touched me.

  7. The first thing I thought … “… They don’t look Polo… Like you boys do…” ))) sigh. Giants walked the earth in those days …

  8. I had a pair of checkered Vans (inspired by Fast Times… no less!) that I wore to SHREDS in HS. Still have a pair nowadays, too. Bought them at Stonebriar, the shopping MECCA of far north Dallas. 🙂 LOVED this post, awesome!

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