25 comments on “BOO! Did I Scare You?

  1. WOW!!! Your talent knows no bounds! Adore this!!!
    Wish I weren’t too old to trick or treat at your house!!!

  2. What a wicked face! I LOVE IT! Got to make one soon!! Going to make those little kids think twice before begging for peanut butter cups! I know our neighborhood kids will love it, too! Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial!!

  3. Oh my gosh you did do better! Way better! I like that it’s Halloween without being so creepy! It’s just right and looks great next to your pumpkins too. Thanks for the website tip!!

  4. YES you DID do better and I am always saying that as well. He came out great and I bet it looks wonderful at night:) Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for this tutorial! I’m totally making this. As a craft hoarder, I already have the old white sheet from the thrift store. Might try to rig it up to hang from the porch ceiling instead of the stand/pipe configuration. You guys are such an inspiration, and your photos and descriptions are just fantastic! Happy Halloween!!

    • Hi Brian, I thought about painting the inside. I really did….like a warm yellow…..it’s hard to see in photos, but the 3 watt flicker flame bulb lite the interior just how I wanted it. Will you send a pic or 2 of your finished ghoul? I’d love to see how it comes out for you.

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