27 comments on “Christmas Tree Planter Box

  1. Just perfect! Wish I had your vision! Always look forward to your Christmas posts. Hoping you show your beautiful tree in full!

  2. I always love all your ideas!!! Thanks for always sharing all the detailed instructions!!!

    Now that you have us all dangling in suspense, can we see the whole🎄 tree now!😉

    • I know Liv, it is a big carrot just dangling there, didn’t mean to go that. We’re feverishly working on the decorating. More to come, I promise!

  3. Perfecto! I enjoy reading and viewing your “How To’s”. I do get tired of the tree skirts. Love the box container! Merry Christmas to you and Jamie.

  4. Your creativity is displayed beautifully once again. Thanks for sharing a great solution ! Merry Christmas, hope you enjoy good health and good times in the new year!

  5. I’m going to try this next year! It’s beautiful and your instructions are clear, your tree and stand and all the decorations are fabulous, like everything you guys do. Love your blog! Merry Chrustmas and Happy New Year to you both!

  6. Love this! I was actually wanting to make one for our tree so I am so thankful you put a tutorial on here! Love how it turned out!

  7. Omigosh, for a minute there, I thought you’d be stenciling the Coke logo on your tree box. No need, though — it’s very attractive! I’d love to do woodworking, but I’m so clumsy, I fear half of my digits would be sawn off. Love all your ornaments! Who sez less is more? 😉

    • I Almost did stencil it!!!!! Swear to Blog!! It would have been adorable, but who would see it? The new one is already hidden behind packages and old toys!!!!

  8. I couldn’t love it more!! I love your Christmas Posts!! My only complaint…I want MORE! I want to see your whole house! Your master bedroom! Your mantle etc… :0)

    • Thanks Nancy, you won’t believe it but we’re still working on everything. We’re hosting Supper Club this Saturday night, so everything should be done by then. Fingers crossed,

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