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  1. You both look soooo happy, CONGRATULATIONS. I don’t know if I became weepy at the sight of what Logan went through or the knowledge of the wonderful, life saving works of rescue organizations. Sto Lat (Polish, wishes for 100 years) to the three of you.

    • Rescue organizations, like Lone Star Dobermans, do amazing work. And all volunteer based too. Thank you, Jean. We’re going to be happy for a long time.

  2. Dobie’s look so much friendlier with floppy ears. My husband had a dobie named Annie, saved the life of his first wife and kids while he was out of town. Twice. Lucky you, lucky dog.

  3. What a transformation! I almost cried when I saw poor Logan’s “before” picture. Life continues to get better and better for Logan and for both of his daddies. ❤

  4. My heart is bursting and my eyes are weirdly leaking too. Logan is just beautiful. He is one lucky pup. Those before photos are sickening but it is amazing how strong the will to survive is. I wish you SOOO much fun and happiness with your new buddy!!!!

  5. Congratulations to all 3 of you! And I know a Harley is a guardian angel looking out for all of you. You are a lucky family. ♥️

  6. It’s hard to understand that kind of cruelty but what a wonderful new beginning for you all. So glad you were able to grow your family.

  7. I can’t believe the before pictures. Just why does that have to happen? It’s unbearable. Thank you for adopting Logan. He’ll have a wonderful life from now on!

  8. How wonderful for Logan and for you two that fate brought you together. His “before” pictures break my heart. I’m glad his “after” pictures will be happy ones!

  9. James and Jamie, I couldn’t be happier for you!!! You’ve done a wonderful thing by opening your hearts again and reaching out to a rescue for your next Doberman. I know that he will bring new adventures, laughter and most of all, more love, to your life. I laughed so hard I cried when I read this because tinsel poop and farting are funny; then I cried because I was so happy for all of you. I foster adult cats of all kinds, an there is nothing more rewarding than being loved by an animal you never knew you needed. One thing we never run out of is love. Our hearts have an endless supply. Your Canadian friend, Christine.

    • Thanks Christine. How hard it must be to loose your fosters. I know they are going to good homes, but I/we get attached so easily. I will always rescue animals in the future. No doubt. I’m glad that we can give them everything they need/want. But mostly….love.

  10. I sit here with a smile on my face and tears running down my cheeks. I am so glad you adopted again! But Logan’s before picture is just heartbreaking. I have had one Dobbie in my life and she was a good dog. They really are smart and amazing! Congratulations to Logan for winning the Doggie Lottery Mega Jackpot! And congrats to the two of you guys for making that happen!

    • I can’t understand why anyone would not like Dobermans if they had ever been around one. Such great dogs. So happy that Lone Star Dobermans works as hard as they do to rescue and place these sweet, smart dogs.

  11. I cannot tell you how happy this makes my heart. Harley would approve, I am sure. As a person that works tirelessly to help rescue pets, I am always so happy when someone adopts that can raise awareness. So many follow you and it helps so much to spread the word to adopt a pet. Logan hit the lottery.

  12. So happy for you guys & especially for Logan! Rescue dogs are heaven sent. As a long-time (& now mostly retired) animal rescuer here in North Texas, I cannot thank you enough nor commend you highly enough for caring so much! Having rehabilitated some dogs who were found in the same horrendous condition your sweet puppy was found in, I know all too well the expense & the time that went into making him whole & healthy again. This final leg of his journey to his happily ever after is the very BEST part! Becoming part of your family insures that he will be nurtured & adored forevermore…..I wish every unwanted pet could be so lucky! I am so eager to follow all his further adventures!! Hugs all around!!!

  13. This was so beautiful! Oh my gosh! He pooped tinsel?! Oh my goodness! Sounds like Logan is going to be a handful! What a beautiful story and inspiring rescue. I’m sure he’s going to be happy in his forever home.

  14. I’m so happy you guys have a new baby, okay dog! And I like the name Logan about a million times better than Styrke. What kind of a name was that anyway! He’s a lucky boy to have you as his daddies!

  15. What a beautiful boy Logan is! Doberman is a fantastic breed – great beauty, intelligens and personality. I absolutely agree that a new life requires a new name. Besides, “Styrke” would be a mouthful in English. “Styrke” does not mean iron in Norwegian, though, it means “strength”.
    Kind regards
    Aina, Norway

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