21 comments on “Just Between Us Squirrel Friends…

  1. I’ll have to try that. Between the gorging coon, squirrel and chipmunk, the birds get shortchanged at the feeder. Maybe I’ll let the big guys have peanuts at the table. Altho when my husband shot at the coon to scare it he just eyeballed us . Or eyerolled us

    • Our Coons aren’t that brazen… I mostly see them scamper away from headlights. But a friend of mine had one that would knock on her patio door if the cat food bowl on the patio was empty….

  2. I love squirrels! It is amazing how many people really hate them. They are adorable, smart and athletic. What is not to love? This affection for squirrels may stem from the fact that I brought home a baby squirrel when I was 5 years old and we raised it. It took some doing, but we finally acclimated it back outside and it visited us for years. That was 65 years ago, I am pretty sure Chippy has passed on! There was quite a discussion on the gardening group I belong to about wildlife and gardening. It seems some people believe they are invading our property, while I have always felt we are invading theirs.
    Love the picnic table. I live under a virtual pecan forest, so my squirrels are happy squirrels.

    • Chippy sounds adorable. I had a Guinea pig named Sunny. Like Von Bulow. He took family trips with us. He even took a Delta flight with me once. Had to have his own ticket too. Swear to God. My dad said the pig’s ticket was the same price as mine.

  3. Ohmygod, I love that you cared for the squirrels so much you lost your shit on your neighbor!! I have been known to throw down some verbal passion at dumb ass, heartless people myself. And thank God he moved away! It would’ve really sucked to live next to someone who obviously hated animals, and people, for the indefinite future. (Having bad neighbors can ruin your home, I’ve been there.)

    Btw, we just got the keys to our new home & spent the day there yesterday (changing locks, swimming in our new pool, taking out the hideous and gross contact paper from the cabinets, etc) and were so excited when 2 squirrels bounded along our fence line, playing in the pine trees that flank both corners where our back neighbor’s yard meets ours. My husband exclaimed, “look! We have wildlife!” Now to see if his excitement will produce a squirrel picnic bench…hmm…

    Honestly, after 16 years in a 2-bdrm condo with a balcony, we’re all just freaking excited to finally have a single family home, with a real backyard! (Though, I should clarify it’s a California back yard, not a Texas one.. you know, cuz size does matter.) And like you, the signs were immediately there -from the street # and name, to the grape vines in the yard and a built in wet bar (that will be one of my remodel projects). There are stories of us for each of these things but ultimately the fact that we beat out 10 other offers & we were the only contingency, makes me feel this home is meant to be.

    Oh! And please tell me you’ve watched this video of a NASA scientist and his impressive squirrel obstacle course, (which all started when he tried to find the perfect squirrel-proof bird feeder and well, had way too much time on his hands.) It’s truly amazing and hysterical! Plus, Phat Gus!! Lol! ❤


    Happy Sunday!

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    • OF COURSE, I’ve seen the squirrel obstacle course!!!!! I love stuff like that!!! Congrats on the new house. It has to feel like you’re free after 16 years. When you know…. you just know. Right?

  4. Love this! Especially the fact that he/she has such good design sense. They are lucky to have you and vice versa.

    • He. That’s the squirrel I call, “the boy”. He was in litter of 3. The other 2 I call, “the girls” – they are always together. He finds me fascinating, btw.

  5. ….and just when I didn’t think I could POSSIBLY hold you in any higher regard…..!!! You are simply THE BEST! I couldn’t be more proud of you if you were my own son!!! Thank you for giving that old neighbor the ass-chewing he definitely deserved! We love our squirrels in our yard & I hope I never find anyone trying to harm them. Your little table is adorable & I firmly believe that your squirrels are loving it! Bless your heart!!! Feral or not, all animals deserve our respect!!

    • Awwww thanks Vickie. I’ve been telling that story for a while. Glad I could share it along with the awesome pic Jamie took of the squirrel I call “the boy” sitting on my table watching us. Agreed about all animals deserving our respect. What kind of sociopath just kills little animals for pleasure? And he knew that I feed them too.

  6. I love this. I might make one for my dog’s birthday. She spends most of her day staring at squirrels from our sun room. She has never caught one. It would add to her entertainment.

    • Please do! I’d love to see pics!! Logan thinks he’s stealthy, but the squirrels are way faster than he is… AND not even remotely afraid of him. They even taunt him sometimes.

  7. I love that you love squirrels! I love that you lost your shit on the old neighbor! You are my hero! Also, love the picnic table! 😊💕

    • He really seemed like a nice guy. Just, Kinda… you know, “country”. And I really do love our squirrels… I have names for them and they even come hang out with me in the yard sometimes. Probably because I talk to them and they find me incredibly fascinating…. Anyhoo… thanks.

  8. Thank you for protecting the squirrels from the neighborhood ass.

    We had a family of squirrels that lived in a tree in front of our kitchen window when we lived in Montana. They were so cute to watch. They loved apples, seeds, crackers and basically anything that was left out. Yes, we had a little post for them facing our house. ❤️

    We had a golden retriever and I swear the squirrels played with him {okay, maybe tortured him} because he could never catch them. It was so funny.

    Now we live in Arizona our little friends would roast their little nuts in the heat; it is so damn hot.

    Xo little 🐿! You hit the jackpot!

    Catherine Torstenson


  9. Thank you for defending the squirrels! My dad would have literally pounced on anyone that mistreated an animal. Good for you! The table is adorable. I have tons of squirrels and I love them. Glad the schmuck moved!

  10. James, back in 1980 I had a Gnome Home that I built. It was an exact replica of the scene on the back of your book. But it was a kit that came with everything, which was cut-out furniture and glue. The colorful furniture & decor item had “fold” instructions, and little tabs to tuck in. Sometimes I’d accidentally tear off the tab, thus the glue. I loved that little house, and it sat on a table in my apt. At Christmastime, my roommate and I broke a little branch off our tree and made a Christmas tree for the Gnome House. A few months after making it, I gave it to a friend’s daughters. I saw that same kit on ebay about 5 years ago, original uncut, unused, and I contemplated buying it. But there were school supplies for my kids to buy, So I let it go. Now I search and search for it, and don’t find it. Why did you retire and why did the whole thing get discontinued?

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