46 comments on “Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

  1. It would have been almost cheaper,…and certainly easier, to buy the other one…..but the home-made plumbing pipe fixture is way more personal….

    • Nice Job on the rack and I will be using your idea for a rack myself. Only thing different will be that I will be building the frame (2×4) , applying the plywood then using pine 1″x 6″ ripped so that it covers the plywood edge . Once again great Idea and thanks !

      • Daniel, that sounds great. We’d love to see a picture when you’re done. If I ever make a second one (and I’ve had requests) I will use 1 inch pipe instead of 3/4……to really hold the weight of the logs.

  2. Quick update on the firewood holder that I coppied…I saw them at the store in the “deep discount” section…the tall one was $40 and the short was $20……and both were half off the sale price….No worries…I like mine much better ….

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    • OK, we absolutely love that !!!!! just might inspire us for something on the side of the house. We do so many things with pipe around the homestead….wait ’till you see our garage.. we are lining the ceiling with pipe to hang signs….

    • HI Sacha, Does the wood base in your unit sit directly on the horizontal pipe base? It looks like it is just set on them. I am working on a design for a pipe wood storage and like you concept a lot. Thanks

      • @Administration — It does! There was no need to secure the two planks since they’re nestled between the hearth and the wall. It is kind of a pain to clean under it and around the legs, though, so if I had to do it over I would suspend the whole thing from the wall.

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  10. Did you cover the bottom with plywood after building the 2×4 support in the middle? I love this idea and hope to make one for someone for Christmas this year

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  12. Came across your site while looking for contemporary firewood holders through google image search… It’s now bookmarked and added to my favorites. Came across so many inspiring design ideas looking through your site. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Found you via a garden shed pin on Pinterest. Immediately was taken by your garage makeover and then your wood storage rack. Really like your style and will be checking in from time to time. Now back to looking some more at your garage.

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  15. Hi James and Jamie, I wanted to let you know I featured your firewood holder today on my blog post about DIY industrial pipe furniture, I just love this and think it’s even better than the inspiration photo! Have a great day. Sharon @ lilikoijoy.com

    • Hi Sharon! How cool! Headed to your site now to see how well we are represented. And yes, our is tons cooler than the original

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  17. I love this idea! My daughter and I are going to modify this a bit and make her a rolling clothes rack…oh the possibilities!!

  18. Thanks so much for posting this idea! I just got done making mine yesterday. One thing I’d like to comment on though is the dimensions you stated for the base- 18 x 28. I don’t think that is right because I used all the same exact pieces of plumbing you did and 18 x 28 was WAY longer than what you have in the picture. I ended up making mine 18 x 24.5 and that seems much more like yours. Maybe yours is 18 x 24? One other difference is that I used a plywood sheet for the bottom but I used seven 1 x 4s (cut to 18″) for the top. Thought it just looked a little nicer. I also made the base 4 layers thick (added strength and sturdiness) and silver casters instead of black (they hold more weight and were only 5 bucks a piece).

    Anyways- thanks again for posting this idea!

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