23 comments on “Finally Stained that Fence

  1. It looks great!!! Now you are inspiring me to have ours done!!! It will surely soak up 25 gallons, too, I fear! Enjoy your holiday, guys!!!

  2. Jack did an ah-ma-zing job on your fence…and that Chuck is a good guy to know! The fence looked sweet before the stain, but, man…what a difference. I’m diggin’ it!


    • Chuck is indeed a “good guy to know”…..and he puts up with my anal-retentiveness….hard to find friends like that …..hehe

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  4. Man o man, that looks sharp! Another well planned project.

    My request to see fence pictures was a pretty expensive request. I now have to talk my neighbor into staining our one year old, unstained common fence. Looking forward to your shutters so we can copy cat. -Steven

    • LOLOL, we didn’t stain them just for you ya know. Can’t beflieve that we waited 2 years …such a difference

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  7. I love your fence! My husand and I are currently building a horizontal fence and I was looking around for ideas when I found your blog. I’m very impressed! Love it!

    • Thanks Samantha,
      It was a struggle, no one wanted to build it for us, And I knew it was what I wanted…….check out how we remade the gates too, they look tons Better now.

    • Wish I could, Jack’s brother was my general contractor, but he passed away a year ago. I think Jack moved back to Poland shortly after that. Sorry

  8. We are in the process of building a horizontal fence and love the way yours looks! Can you tell me what brand of stain you used? Behr, Olympic, Valspar??

    Thanks so much!

  9. I absolutely love your fence I am trying to convince my fiancé to let us do this, is there anyway you could tell me how your gate was constructed or show me a pic of it?

  10. Love the stain color. Would you share? Getting ready to do mine and having a hard time picking.

    • This was so long ago….. that I’m restaining as we speak. Behr, Home Depot, Russet semi-transparent with 25% colorant added. It was too light. A few years later and I’m restaining with 100% of the colorant.

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