17 comments on “Frankoma Pottery

  1. I love your new Frankoma pieces! Growing up in Oklahoma, I saw many pieces of Frankoma pottery in the homes of friends and family. I just have to clarify, we call ourselves “Oklahomans”. :-). Great post. It brought back lots of memories!

    • I know!!! How have I gone so long without them? They made about 15 different glazes….. But black is my fave, I may need to find a few white ones too. Hhhmmmm

  2. Ooh, i had to check them out on ebay. I’m loving the green glaze! And that indian maiden is awesome.

    • I have to slow myself down or I will buy all that I see…BTW I paid about $15 each for my indians and $4 for the arrow, so don’t get suckered into the eBay prices

  3. Love your blog! You need a Frankoma Texas shaped baking dish (or an Oklahoma one like mine). Perfect pan for cornbread or brownies.

    • Hi Rene’, You better believe that I need a Texas shaped baking dish…didn’t know there was such an animal. I have seeen the Oklahoma shaped, now I have a goal….Thanks

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