29 comments on ““Any Closet is a Walk-In Closet…If You Try Hard Enough”

  1. Opener just cracked me up! I have heard my son say that so many times! Yes…what is that not finishing the floor in the closet all about? How much could that have cost at the time? And under the door track? 😁 Well it looks great…I think you have way more clothes than I have!
    Not to change the subject….but how is our boy Harley. It has been a while since you have posted a picture.

    • Harley is doing great. She’s at “sleep away camp” right now because we are headed to Florida early in the morning for a few days…..it’s quiet in the house without her here. And we both miss her already….

  2. Love your French comments, had me giggling with each frame of progress! Naturally it turned out wonderfully, so impressed once again. I can’t remember from earlier posts why you haven’t turned one of your other rooms into a marvelous walk in closet. Can’t wait for more updates!

  3. This closet puts the stun in stunning! Omigosh @ your clothes! But seriously, you’d better hope the former owner of your house doesn’t read your blog! No kidding — I’ve wanted to snap a photo of the squalor/yard next door + post/bitch about it, but I’m afraid our neighbor will read about it. Have fun in FLA!

    • I always imagine that he’ll stop by someday to see the place, he’s an acquaintance of a friend/neighbor of ours, and I can show him what he could have done better……HA!

  4. Wow, you do have a collection! The floor was probably like that because a built in shoe shelf (like an angled box) was there. I have one in my closet that I considered pulling out before but I would probably end up with the same issue. The closet looks fabulous.

  5. Wow, you did a great job!! (but of course), makes me want to re-look at my closet now. Just a little thought…..might there be a little bump out in your future….your collection is impressive and no doubt will be added to as time goes on. You don’t want to say no to yourself! Just a thought……

    • Michele, I dream of the day when everything fits in a single closet, right now my clothes are in 2 closets, 3 dressers, 4 lockers, couple boxes in the attic, a wall of pegracks and rolling rack in the garage……we talk about extending the master bedroom outward. Who knows, might happen one day.

  6. It looks great! I am inspired. I recently painted our coat closet and added a shelf and it took me over a week. I plan to paint my whole house, including the closets. Your posts really help me stay motivated. Thank-you!

  7. Hilarious as always! I love learning my English idioms from your blog… totally cracked me at W.T Heck 😀 the closet is lovely, crammed more than Tokyo subway though!

    • Vera…to be honest I actually took some things out before I took pictures so it didn’t look too crammed. LOL! And glad your liking my G-rated phrases…..it’s more fun to not use foul language sometimes. ……..sometimes.

    • So, I’ve been working on a collection of short stories about those days…..and that is one of my favorite moments. Your family must have thought there was something wrong with me.

      • Nah. You were a step up from a lot of the boys I brought home! They still ask about you.

  8. What? I have never seen a better closet! You might be in the wrong business! You DO need to lighten up on the clothes, though. You can’t buy one more thing.Well done!

    • Don’t tell anyone…..but I took a lot out before I took pictures. I know, anytime I buy a new shirt….I have to donate an old one to make room.

    • OMG!!!! That’s so awesome to hear!!! Is your friend a young guy? Apparently my “market” is teenish Boys. A dear friend’s husband is a high school teacher and the kids in his class all loved it too!!!!

  9. i really loved this closet re-do. (Finally went way back in my e-mail to find it …) As usual, when I suggested to spousal unit that we do this in our walk-in closet (I bought your book on Amazon when it first came out) he vigorously complained about the price of pipe. I let it go since he used your book as inspiration and crafted a coffee table recently for our daughter, but I’m going to INSIST that we install cedar shiplap on a wall !!! I mean, where has this been all my life? Can’t wait. Thanks for the inspiration and the totally enjoyable posts.

    • Go get some cedar ship-lap!!!! Trust me. Such an improvement……I’ve added it to 2 of our closets so far. 2 more to go. OOOHHH, and I’d love to see the coffee table he made!

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