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    • LOL, Tiffany, there is always a reason for numbers. 87 was a prety damn good year- graduated high school, started college, pledged a frat, and “Red 5” is Luke Skywalker’s call number in Star Wars

  1. Hi James (& Jamie!) – read about your garage last Wednesday on I Heart Organizing and have spent the last 5 days reading your blog from the beginning to end. Love it & love your style! These pillows in today’s post are awesome…I haven’t not liked anything you’ve done & have gotten some wonderful ideas on how to express my style (so similar to yours). I have 3 questions for you if you don’t mind answering: 1) which Native American is/was displayed on your Pottery Barn-style easel in the post on how to make the easel? Is that a Curtis photo? 2) what is the “globe-style” container used to display your beer bottle cap collection on your amazing bar cart? and 3) where did you get the Indian chief patches used on your bags and sweater (in your blog photo)? They look like they’re the same. Thanks for any information you can share!

    And thanks for sharing with us all your projects and ideas. I’m kinda a little bummed that I caught up with all your posts ’cause I’ll have to wait now for more!

  2. Love these pillows! And, the numbers just seal the deal making them perfect Cavender Boys style! You inspired me again. I just ordered two grain sacks from Etsy to make my own pillows. I did NOT get the awesome price that you did. Bummer… But, I’m excited about them all the same. Time to break out the sewing machine. Well, after I break out the paint brush for Grey’s room that is. He’s going to be backpacking in Colorado next week, so I figure it’s the perfect time to get it done. He won’t be around to fuss about me “messing up” his room. 😉

    • I knew that you would like them! Have you been to the Uncommon Market in the design district? That’s where I got the sack, you would just die from all the awesomeness they have there …..

      “Surprise” him with a painted room , that will make it sting less…..

      • I have not been to Uncommon Market, but you can bet Robin and I will be making a visit there next week! Your Stars and Stripes bunting is on it’s way 🙂 I’ll send pics when I get Grey’s room painted.

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