14 comments on “Galvanized Tin Roof

  1. Swooning! I couldn’t love the tin roof MORE. We considered said-same for our garden shed roof, but we had a hip roof (seams!) + didn’t know about the scalloped trim + OMG. It’s just tragic.

    We’ll be springing for metal accents on our house roof, though.

    Ditto on the Austin, Texas LOVE. Those people rule down there! My sister teaches at the U of Texas, so she’s not Austin “weird”, but oh, well.

    Kudos on your roof!
    Can’t wait to see its patina come in!

    KAY @ redbirdv.wordpress.com

    • I know, it’s gunna age soooo nicely. Have you been to Austin? Such a great city…..a few years ago we were stuck in hurrican Irene on St Croix, made it through the storm to the hotel bar and one of the other “stranded tourists” had a “Keep Austin Wierd” t-shirt on…..small world

  2. Looks perfect! I cut a lot of corrugated tin. I found that a grinder with a cut-off disc is easiest and with a little practice you can make a nice straight cut, and use the grinder to soften the sharp edges. Get an inexpensive grinder about $30 at Northern Tool, etc. – cut-off discs are about $1.50 each. Wear safety glasses for sure, then let the sparks fly! You’ll be surprised how soon the little grinder pays for itself. Keep up the good work – you’re awesome!

    • GREAT idea! I love a new power tool….I’ll be sure to get one for ourn next project.(maybe a doghouse…but I don’t want to give away any secrets just yet) And yeah…We ALWAYS wear safety glasses!!!!

    • Well yeah, it starts out that way…but it will weather real fast with the sun and the rain……or I can always spray it down with bleach like we did to that clock

  3. Hi James & Jamie,
    I came across your blog on our most recent annual trip to PEI. It’s an 18 hour drive from Toronto, so I’m always looking for good reading material to while away the hours. Your blog kept me entertained for hours (if you see an uptick in page views for July, it’s most definitely me)
    I love the layered look you’ve encorporated all over your house & the extra love you put into making simple things, like a shed, totally FAB-u-lous!
    My only grievance is that Harley is not in more of the pictures 😉

    PS – my husband would swoon over your jacket collection (they look great they way you’ve hung them!)

    • Hi Shawna, thanks for the kind words. It’s nice to know that someone is really reading this stuff. It’s actually quite a juggling act to keep Harley OUT of the pictures? she always wants to be involved. She cried at the back door when I was taking the shed pictures…..She loves to run through the gravel, spreading it everywhere. I’ll write more about her, promise.

      We both have way to many jackets for Dallas….the average temperature is 80.

    • Hi Doris, it must have been in an earlier post, because I mentioned that they aren’t available online anymore. Probably because the roof slants forward, and not back…..kind of a design flaw…..

  4. I get it that you believe they are not selling them anymore, but if you could still let your readers know what site you ordered the pretty shed from that would help.

    • Sorry Robyn. It’s posted in a different post about the shed. Jamie ordered it from the Skymall catalog on an American Airlines flight. About 5 years ago. Wish we’d have bought 50 of them……we’d have sold every one by now.

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